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  • Caramel Flavored Glaze 28oz

Caramel Flavored Glaze 28oz


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Caramel Flavored Glaze 28oz Carton
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Caramel Flavored Great Glaze is a caramel glaze coating for popcorn that can be used in any hot oil kettle popcorn machine! This glaze coats the popped corn as it pops in your machine. A kettle corn machine is not required. Simply use your regular popcorn/oil pre-pack (minus flavored salt) and add 2 ounces of Great Glaze for each 4 ounces of popcorn kernels. A sweet and tasty alternative to butter flavored popcorn! Great Glaze comes in 28 ounce cartons, for use in hot oil popcorn kettles!

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  • Overall Rating
    Love it!
    Review by Annieon 7/3/2014
    Really like this flavouring! But like previous poster, hard to clean the kettle...
  • Overall Rating
    Taste great!
    Review by Kyle Lazurkoon 6/27/2014
    Good caramel tasting, just hard to clean out of kettle. Try it!