Popcorn Machine Vending

Want to make some money on the side? Popcorn vending can be your answer.

Popcorn is a healthy snack that allows you to profit in on the health food crazy.

Popcorn is cheap to make about 10 cents a bag and you can sell it easily for $1.00 Giving you a profit of 90 cents per bag.

Low cost of popcorn = high profits for you.

Popcorn Machine Rentals

With just a tiny investment in a popcorn machine you can start renting out your machine to customers in your area.

Also you can rent out your machine for parties and special events. You can rent your machine from anywhere from $100 to $200 a day. Two rentals and your machine will be paid off in full. There is no maintenance required just a cleaning every so often, and the machine is made to last for years.

Post Ads on Kijiji, or craigslist for rentals in your local area (Kids parties are very popular) and start renting out your machine today.