Sunglo 6oz dual pack  36 packages

Sunglo 6oz dual pack 36 packages

Popcorn Cup 46 oz x 50

Popcorn Cup 46 oz x 50

Sunglo 8oz dual pack 24 packages

Case (24) of 8oz portion of popcorn
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A Healthy Alternative for a delicious treat.


  • Fewer Calories
  • Less Saturated Fat
  • Lower Sodium
  • Kids Act Approved
How easy is open, pour & pop? As easy as it sounds. Don t worry about how the popcorn will taste--we guarantee it will be great. No matter who's popping, every batch is sensational popcorn. If you just purchased one our new popcorn machines or are looking for that great theater taste in your existing machine, stop looking! This is great tasting, high-volume popcorn that pops up fluffy time and time again. We truly believe it is the best popcorn in North America. These convenient portion packs let you have fresh, hot, tasty popcorn while watching movies, at parties, or at social events in your home, office, church, or business. If you've ever had popcorn at a ball park or movie theater, you have probably already tasted this popcorn. Our premium-quality, gourmet popcorn, extra-fine seasoned salt and our buttery flavored, low-melt oil provide the taste & aroma of hot, fresh theater-quality popcorn for your customers to enjoy and remember.
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